Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mr.Green Jeans Sustainability Project

Mr.Green Jeans' Guide to Sustainable Living is a 25 page chapbook with meal recipes, cleaning formulas, methods and tools which will help you live a sustainable lifestyle. The book also contains environmental literature

The unique aspect of this project is that the chapbook is yours copyright free. By sending your return e-mail address I will send you and electronic copy –an Office 2007 file. After which you are free to add your own Ideas and Thoughts about Sustainable Living.

Add any vegetarian recipes, environmentally safe cleaning formulas, the best ways to recycle, repair and reuse, publish pictures or art work, essays, poems or any creative work about the environment.

Add your name to the list of Scriveners and your e-mail or website at the end. Then, using recycled paper, print out 10 copies. When you add copy it will change they layout. Remember that by adding one page of copy you will increase the book by four page. So you have plenty of room.

Once printed fold the pages into a booklet. Starting at the bottom, make a hole at 1 1/2 inches, at 4 1/4 inches and at 7 inches. Bind the book with a saddle stitch using hemp twine found at craft stores. From the outside of the spine thread into the booklet then out through the top hole. Then thread down the outside fold and back into the bottom hole. Then back out through the middle hole. Cut, tie and trim tag ends.

Give your books to family and friends or leave copies at a local freetrade coffee shop. The book is easily mailed with a 42-cent stamp. E-mail copies to your creative friends who would like to help spread a sustainable lifestyle. And please e-mail me a copy of your work.

To receive a copy--E-mail The Mr. Green Jeans Project --at

View--Mr. Green Jeans Guide to Sustainable Living