Thursday, October 14, 2010

Upon the occasion of the retirement of Brain Underwood-Prometheus is Freed

The Charles Dickinson novel, “ Tale of Two Cities” starts with this line. “It was the best of times it was the worst of times.” Which could also start the story of my career at Martin Drake. I will remember the best of times and forget the coal dust and fly ash the heat the cold.

I will remember the times when operators-mechanics-electrician, I and C, mamagement, admin,building services, planning and stores all came together to solve a problems or those start-ups that went on without any problems and the breaker closing and load being dispatch when requested.

The bosses would tell you “ good job”.

I will remember those long nights when the machines would operate with without a hitch--we would arm our self against the siren of sleep with stories and even though we had told each other the same story a hundred times before, we all still listened because it a well told tale.

I will remember the funny hour--that time on those long nights usually around 4 o’clock in the morning of the fourth nightshift when--everything-- anybody said was funny and we world laugh and get through another shift.

I will remember people like Damon Dillinger and late Dave Horton because they were both such characters that I smile when I think of them.

My wife Diane and my son Reed will remember that I came home safe.

I will remembered summer nights--the plant being so un-godly hot I would go out on the roof to catch some cooling air. Seeing shinning lights across the city always inspired me. Those city lights spark and flash to the horizon because of the work you do here. Because of the power Martin Drake generates people are eating a hot meals. They are reading and writing, watching television and computing--they will be having parties, listening to music, singing and dancing. Babies being born and someone will be dying.

The design of a power plant is to burn coal to make steam to make electricity. The goal of all the men and women who work at Martin Drake is to bring light to the City of Colorado Springs. That is the important job that you all do

I thank the operators that I supervised in generating safe, clean economical electrical power, Tony Ott, Kevin Wilson, Frank Sisenros, Aaron Hodge and Chris Cox. I like to think that we did some good work towards that end, and if we did it was because of their hard work.

I will remember those who were with me during the best of times and those that stood by me in the worst of times. I will remember all of you warmly

After near 21 years working for Colorado Springs Utilities at Martin Drake (and other plants) I can say that the last two years have been the Best of Times.

Audios, good luck, Prometheus is freed